Cycle Joint

Off the Presses: "Coastal Lifestyle" Featurette

Saturday, April 3rd, 2021, 8:36:57 PM

Electric bikes and other items in our collection such as OneWheels have been blowing up in popularity recently. As summer and all of its warm weather draws nearer, more people are looking for a fun outing to take advantage of the sunny weather.

Our friends at Coastal Lifestyle gave us a multi-page shoutout in their April 2021 issue: "ELECTRIC BIKES REVITALIZE THE HUMAN CONDITION" by Jen Callan!

Essentially motorized bikes with speeds reaching 20 to 28 miles per hour, ebikes use a rechargeable electric motor to assist with pedaling. By law, they are classified as a bicycle and, under Florida law, can be ridden cautiously on sidewalks, roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less, bike paths, and dirt paths. Ebikes are quite versatile and only require a standard wall outlet for charging. Many ebikes can travel more than 25 miles on a single charge, and most have an easy-to-read LCD screen to help riders track mileage and better manage battery life


Perfect for date nights – ebike tours are a great way for families and friends to spend timetogether while enjoying the sun and fresh air. They allow you to cover more ground, experience more things at your own pace, and see familiar areas in a new way. Passenger wise, there is no age limit. Electric bikes easily accommodate bike seats and are strong enough to pull tow behind bike trailers. “Some people even bring along their dogs,” notes Camacho with a smile. “It’s not about getting from PointA to Point B,” he says, “it’s about getting there with a smile.” Cycle Joint makes the journey justas much fun as the destination.